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A Trite Love Song In The End (결국 흔해 빠진 사랑 얘기) and Betrayal (배반) are from Yoon Sang’s third album released in 2000 after a period of hiatus. Featuring lyrics by the lyricist Park Chang Hak (박창학), they brim with subtle touches of a seasoned musician who has reached the height of his musical sensitivity. Yoon-Park collaboration aims to satisfy the most discerning tastes and hardly ever produces subpar, throwaway fillers, giving the listeners a real treat every time. While some of the songs may lack mass appeal precisely because of the highly elevated sensitivities, their oeuvres for sure make up one-of-a-kind line of music with artistry rarely duplicated elsewhere.

결국 흔해 빠진 사랑노래

며칠째 귓가를 떠나지 않는 낯익은 멜로디는
또 누구와 누가 헤어졌다는 그 흔해 빠진 이별노래
거짓말처럼 만났다가 결국은 헤어져버린 얘기

죽도록 사랑했다고 내가 제일 슬프다고
모두 앞다투어 외치고 있는 결국 똑같은 사랑노래
떠나가야 하는 한 사람
남겨진 한 사람

어쩌면 여전히 너는
이 노래를 비웃고 있을까
때늦어버린 눈물이 필요한 건 한심한 바보들 뿐이라고

널 코웃음치게 했던 그런 바보가 되어버린 내게
내일마저 알 수 없는 사랑이란
풀지 못할 미스테리

죽도록 사랑했다고 내가 제일 슬프다고
저마다 하소연하는 결국 똑같은 사랑노래
떠나가야 하는 한 사람
남겨진 한 사람

남몰래 따라부르는 서글픈 멜로디는
결국 너와 내가 헤어졌다는 그 흔해 빠진 이별노래
우리의 짧았던 날들이
끝나버린 얘기

A Trite Love Song in The End

A familiar melody stuck in my ears for a few days now
Another dime-a-dozen breakup song about a Jack and Jill splitting
A story of a fairy tale encounter, followed by a sad goodbye

Whining how he gave all, how she feels hurt the most
The same old love song that has everyone crying out to be heard
About one who has to go
And one left behind

You might very well be
Laughing at this song perhaps
Thinking it is only pathetic fools that need sappy tears belatedly

For me who have become the kind of fool you sneered at
Love which can't even see a day ahead
Is an unsolvable mystery

Whining how he gave all, how she feels hurt the most
The same old love song that has everyone pleading
About one who has to go
And another one left behind

The sad melody I secretly hum to myself now
It's another trite parting song in the end, of you and me splitting up
The story of our much too brief days
Coming to a close


아주 먼 곳인 줄 알았지
손에 잡히지 않는
너는 지쳐있는듯
내 노래를 외면하고

다신 못 만날 줄 알았어
빗나간 오해속에 갇혀
끝도 없는 한숨의 시간은
쳇바퀴 돌듯 그 자리에

누가 이토록 우리를
멀어지게 한 거야
끝내 잊어버릴 수 없는
빛바랜 너의 기억들만을
마치 조롱하듯 남겨둔 채

언제 이토록 서로를
미워하게 된거야
끝내 지워버릴 수 없는
뛰는 가슴에 희미한 아픔이
바로 그날처럼
더 새로울 뿐인데

처음부터 내겐 없었지
높이 오를 수 있는 날개
진실이란 언제나 그렇듯
깊은 상처를 비웃을 뿐


I thought it was a distant place
Far beyond my reach
You appeared weary
Turning away my song

I feared I'd never see you again
Shut away in misunderstandings
Endless hours of sighs recurring
As if stuck in a squirrel cage

I wonder what it was
That pushed us so far apart
Only faded memory of you
Left behind as if to taunt me
Who can't get it out of his mind

I wonder when we became
So resentful of each other
With the vague lasting pain
I can't erase off my stirring heart
Renewing ever stronger
Just like it was on that day

I lacked all along from the start
The wings to let me soar above all
As always the truth only seems
To scorn the hurt deep within

Yoon Sang 1

A Trite Love Song In The End (결국 흔해 빠진 사랑 얘기) is a number with a poppish feel and thus has a greater mass appeal. In lyrics, it is a rather sardonic look on all the seemingly futile happenings in love and breakup. It goes about the usual fare of one more song about a breakup, one who has to go and one that’s left behind, in the endlessly repeating vagaries of relationships. Perhaps the subject matter itself is not all that original, but the way it is expressed is far from run of the mill thanks to Park’s highly refined words and the soft and subtle vocals of Yoon that delineates the understated melody. And who wouldn’t have had such sentiment of satiation at one point or another from all the silly sounding love songs that seem to permeate the airwaves. So many have gone down before us, a whole new crop is going on now, and yet another full round of them will come. It seems just a fact of life that everything goes round and round endlessly.

Yoon Sang 2

Betrayal (배반) is a more introspective look on the narrator being on crossroads in relation to his love interest. It retraces the trails of two lovers with all the personal failures, stray overshoots and disappointments that went down along the way. Something or someone has pushed them apart, turning them resentful of each other, and the narrator laments his own limitations that keep him from soaring over all the obstacles to take things in stride and move forward. He observes as always the truth only seems to scorn the hurt deep within. All in all it is a song relating the oft heard cries and laments about love and parting except that it does it with a subtle artistry a notch above most other songs. The subtlety and understated charm probably works against it in terms of chart and sales success, but it is certainly the kind of songs that enrich the pop music scene. I have a strong feeling that the state of art attained by this song is seldom if ever repeated even today fifteen years later.


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