Yoon Sang (윤상)'s High Brow Jazz Pop - Shadow of A Goodbye (이별의 그늘) and In The Obscure of Time (가려진 시간 사이로)

Yoon Sang 1

Shadow of A Goodbye (이별의 그늘) and In The Obscure of Time (가려진 시간 사이로) are two gems of songs by Yoon Sang (윤상), a remarkable composer in the jazz pop genres. Released in early 90s on the cusp of his solo career launch, they boast such high tastes that they sound as fresh as any song that comes out today well over 20 years later. They also had the mass appeal and did very well in the market, establishing the singer songwriter as one of the top billed acts before he eventually started pursuing more experimental genres of music. In addition to the refined tunes and arrangements, his songs typically feature top notch lyrics by the lyricist Park Joo Yeon (박주연) and Park Chang Hak (박창학), resulting in a tour de force of music rarely seen before or since.

이별의 그늘

문득 돌아보면 같은 자리지만
난 아주 먼 길을 떠난 듯했어
만날 순 없었지 한번 어긋난 후
나의 기억에서만 살아있는 먼 그대

난 끝내 익숙해지겠지
그저 쉽게 잊고 사는 걸
또 함께 나눈 모든 것도
그 만큼의 허전함일 분
덧없이 흘러가는 시간속에서
어떤 만남을 준비할까

하지만 기억해 줘 지난 얘기와
이별 후에 비로소 눈뜬
나의 사랑을

Shadow of A Goodbye

I glanced back and it was the same place
Yet I felt like I was on a faraway journey
I couldn't see you ever since we went awry
Your distant self only living in my memory

In the end perhaps I'll get used to it
Forgetting you and living a simple life
Then all the things we shared together
It will only be so much emptiness now
And in the midst of the fleeting time
Am I to get ready for a reunion

But please remember our past trails for me
And that my love has only begun to see
After we went our own ways

가려진 시간 사이로

노는 아이들 소리 저녁 무렵의 교정은
아쉽게 남겨진 햇살에 물들고

메아리로 멀리 퍼져가는
꼬마들의 숨박꼭질 놀이에

내 어린 그 시절 커다란 두눈의
그 소녀 떠올라

넌 지금 어디있니 내 생각 가끔 나는지
처음으로 느꼈었던 수줍던 설레임

지금까지 나 헤매는 까닭엔
네가 있기는 하지만
우리 모두 숨겨졌지 가려진 시간 사이로

In The Obscure of Time

The late afternoon campus with the children playing
Changing hews in all but faded sunlight

Cries of the kids playing hide-and-seek
Ring out far away with reverberation

And the wide eyed girl from my boyhood
Her face floats to my mind

Where are you now, do you sometimes remember me
I felt that first shy stirring in my heart with you

Though you do figure in the reasons
For my restlessness until now
I know we were both hidden away in the obscure of time

Yoon Sang 2

Before becoming a successful solo artist, *Yoon Sang (윤상, 1968-) started his music career writing songs for other artists like Kang Soo Ji (강수지) and playing in the band Silhouette, a backup band for Kim Wan Sun (김완선), a phenomenal late 80s and 90s dance pop star. With a help of some friends, Yoon got his own songs released on his first album in 1990, and it it did quite well, eventually selling close to a million copies, which was a stunningly good number in those days. After this, his talent made a long trajectory of success touching on different genres and establishing him as one of the most recognized musician in the modern jazz pop arena. His songs typically showcases fresh originality and high brow sensitivity that can hold their own against anything from any era or geography. The pure artistry he always seems to seek after reminds of the style of the late Lee Young Hoon (이영훈)[/blogs/2015/03-16-old-time-love], except Yoon is much more inclined toward jazz.

Yoon Sang 3

Shadow of a Goodbye (이별의 그늘) from his first album may be Yoon’s greatest pop success as well. Depicting the pain of parting in the kind of distilled and rarefied delivery hardly seen before, it seems to have reached a new height of Korean jazz pop. Not to be outdone the fine lyrics by Park Joo Yeon (박주연) accompanies Yoon’s subtly beautiful tunes, relating what remains of a love in an exquisitely understated style. Together with the rueful sounds of strings that seem to rip one’s emotional canopy, the song makes its impact deep down in the listeners’ hearts.

In the Obscure of Time (가려진 시간 사이로) is another big hit scored out of the same Park Joo Yeon lyrics and Yoon Sang composition. It features the oft touched subject of reminiscence of the past, this time of a girl who left such a lasting impression in the protagonist’s heart that he had to lead a restless life lost for direction. He looks back what happened and realizes that there was no particular reason or particular person at fault responsible for they going different paths. Sometimes time works its magic in such a way as to hide some individual or group from another, for no apparent reason except the unknowable workings of randomness. He realizes he and the object of his longing were simply obscured from each other by time, as part of the myriad mysterious of life.


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