Metal Ballads - A Lyrical Song of the Deep Night (깊은 밤의 서정곡), A Sleepless Yearning (잠들지 않는 그리움)

Mountain Verdure

A Lyrical Song of The Deep Night (깊은 밤의 서정곡) and A Sleepless Yearning (잠들지 않는 그리움) are heavy metal ballads by the band Black Hole (블랙홀), one of the accomplished metal bands that arose in the 80s. Whereas typical metal songs relied on hard driving, fast paced guitar and base lines while flaunting a mysticism theme, these songs are on the slow side of heavy metal, opting for quiet and deep introspection than loud outward expressions. They sing of solitude and isolation, the cruel and indifferent face of time, love and the irony of fate that keep the forever yearning beings separated. With the mystery tinged brooding mood and high pitched screams typical of heavy metal, they bring on a listening experience altogether their own.

깊은 밤의 서정곡

까맣게 흐르는 깊은 이 밤에
나홀로 외로이 잠못 이루네
파란 별빛만이 나의 창가로 찾아드네

밤안개 흐르는 고요한 밤에
나홀로 외로이 잠 못 이루네
흐르는 눈물에 별빛 담기어 반짝이네

깊어가는 하늘 아래 잠든 세상 외면하여도
지쳐버린 눈망울엔 별빛마저 사라지네

깊어가는 하늘 아래 잠든 세상 외면하여도
지쳐버린 눈망울엔 별빛마저 사라지네

어둠에 흐려진 눈동자 속에
그리움 가득히 넘쳐흐르네
어두운 하늘만 나의 눈가에 사라지네

A Lyrical Song of The Deep Night

The deep night fluid in its eerie blackness
I struggle to go to sleep in my solitude
Only the blue starlight lingering down at my window

Night mist drifting through the silent night
I toss and turn with no one around me
The starlight shimmering in my tears running down

I turn away from the world sleeping under deepening heaven
With the starlight dimming in my wearied out eyes

I turn away from the world sleeping under deepening heaven
With the starlight dimming in my wearied out eyes

An endless longing fills my eyes
All bleary lost to the darkness
Only the dark sky disappearing from around my eyes

잠들지 않는 그리움

지난밤에 우연히 너를 볼 수 있었어
비록 꿈이었지만 너무나도 좋았어
그때 그대로 내 곁에서 기뻐했어

잠이 깨어 있지만 눈을 감고 있었어
비록 꿈이었지만 다시 보고 싶었어
그때 그대로 행복했던 네 기억을

하지만 이젠 잊어야 한다는 걸 알아
미련도 모두 버려야 한다는 걸 알아
그래도 알고싶어

어디 있는지 날 기억할지 생각하는지
우리 함께한 그 모든 것을 사랑하는지

A Sleepless Yearning

I chanced upon running across you last night
It was blissful, even though it was only a dream
You were happy by me the way you used to be

I awoke but stayed in bed with my eyes closed
I wanted to see you again even if it was a dream
To relive the happy memories of how you were

And I also know I must forget about you now
I know I must give up these die-hard emotions
Still I want to know

Where your are, if you remember and think of me
If you cherish all that we have shared between us

Spring In Korea

Black Hole started out as a college band playing at rock contests and festivals. Fond of playing Black Sabbath and UFO numbers in their early days, the fledgling band was noticed by Boohwal’s manager, then played an instrumental role in materializing their music into an original, full-blown album. Released in 1989, their fist album was well received, A Lyrical Song of The Deep Night (깊은 밤의 서정곡), composed by the leader Chu Sang Kyun (주상균), gaining popularity. They continued on throughout the 90s putting out nine albums in all. In time their popularity waned along with heavy metal’s decline, although they still play and tour the circuits. Looking back, the hard hitting metal was a rather quickly passing fad, and the slower numbers of their oeuvre, such as these two songs, seem to have a greater staying power.

Spring In Korea

A Lyrical Song is from their first album. It proved their songwriting and vocal capabilities early on in their career. As a typical metal ballad, it showcases Chu’s high range vocals together with the scorching guitar works which bring on a striking image of a wakeful night watch in the wee hours. A fine metal song brimming with the genre’s charm, particularly in the vocals that seem to soar and rip the thin air of the night sky.

A Sleepless Yearning, from their fourth album released in 1996, carries on with the same style and mood, adding a heightened sentiment of missing the lost love of the narrator’s. Its quiet melody lines have a strong hook that enhances the impact of the emotional groping, drawing the listener further in. The overall subdued and rueful arrangement complements Chu’s vocals which start out slowly and continuously escalate to culminate in a denouement of a heartfelt refrain that keeps repeating toward the end.


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