Kim Hyun Sik Ballads - Making Memories (추억 만들기) and Wintry Sea (겨울 바다)

Wintry Sea 1

Kim Hyun Sik kept producing melancholic, emotion drenched songs throughout the 80s, spanning from pop ballads to rock and blues. While maturing musically on one hand his health was waning owing to the vices of his life style. His sixth LP album turned out to be his last of original songs,released a few months after his death in November, 1990. The best remembered song of his entire career is probably My Love By My Side (내 사랑 내 곁에) on this album, but it also featured other fantastic songs such as these too. They show uncanny abilities of a seasoned musician at the height of his trade, showing great vocal prowess and near perfect interpretation abilities.

추억 만들기

새끼 손가락 걸며 영원하자던
그대는 지금 어디에
그대를 사랑하며 잊어야 하는
내 맘은 너무 아파요

그대 떠나는 뒷모습에
내 눈물 떨구어주리
가는 걸음에
내 눈물 떨구어주리

내 마음 보여줘본 그 때 그 사람
사랑하던 나의 그 사람
뜨거운 내 마음은 나도 모르게
천천히 식어갑니다

세월이 흘러가서
백발이 되어 버리고
얼굴엔 주름지어
내 사랑 식어 버려도

내 마음 보여줘본 그 때 그 사람
사랑하던 나의 그 사람
뜨거운 내 마음은 나도 모르게
천천히 식어갑니다

Making Memories

Having sworn eternity on your little finger
Where are you now my dear
Trying to forget you while still loving you
My heart is in such great pain

I'll shed you a tear from behind
As you walk away from me
I'll shed a tear on the steps
You take away from me

The dearest one I have bared my soul to
The sweetheart of my love
My love's flame is now slowly subsiding
In spite of myself

Even as my hair turns gray
With the passage of time
My face all wrinkled up
And cold as my love may grow

The dearest one I have bared my soul to
The sweetheart of my love
My love's flame is now slowly subsiding
In spite of myself


겨울바다 나가봤지
잿빛 날개 해를 가린
갈 길 잃은 물새 몇이
내 손등 위에 앉더군
길고 긴 갯벌 위엔
흩어진 발자국만

검푸른 겨울바다
하얀 해가 울더니
노란 달이 어느 참에
내 눈길로 나를 보네
철썩이는 파도곁에
가슴치는 내 생각

Wintry Sea

Went out to the wintry sea
Where a couple of lost birds
Ashen wings in the sun's way
Sat on the back of my hand
Only the footsteps scattered
On the long muddy shore 

On the gray blue wintry sea
The tearful whitish sun gone
Before I know a yellow moon 
Is looking at me like my mind
Pounding waves splashing
At my thought laden heart

Man and Woman

Making Memories (추억 만들기), written by Kim himself for both music and lyrics, is typical of his songs, relating the sadness in his heart emotionally while looking back at a loved one in his life. The song laments the fact that she had to leave him while at the same time confessing that his own attachment to her is slowly subsiding, as would be unavoidable for anyone in the face of the all powerful time. He declares she would live in his heart as the only one whom he bared his soul to even as he gets old and gray. But alas, he wasn’t to live to see his hair turn gray. The melancholic melody is sad and sweet at the same time, and his vocals carry the same thick, bittersweet sentiment.

In Wintry Sea (겨울바다), he looks on himself set against the lonely, expansive wintry sea. He goes out to the shore alone, where he encounters no one but a couple of birds and scattered footsteps. The whitish sun looks tearful, and the yellow moon is looking down on him like it was himself, while he broods amid the thoughts that weigh on his mind. And the waves pound and splash by him indifferently.

Wintry Sea 2

Written by the renowned guitarist Choi Yi Chul (최이철), in a jazz blues style, it is a charming masterpiece with its tight, poetic lyrics and melody, pensive mood and the highly refined arrangements taking advantage of maestro jazz-blues guitar work by Choi himself. Kim’s vocals really shine too on this slick number, masterfully coming in and out of the fore, loading the sinewy notes with textured emotion, and mixing in canny ad-lib of interjecting ohs, ahs, and yeys at just the right places with the right measure. Kim really must be the master of all when it comes to such coloring and perfecting of songs - it elevates the songs a whole notch up.

Loss of Kim Hyun Sik was such an unfortunate turn of event given the staggering potential that his talents had. These two songs truly showcase his musicianship, with burgeoning songwriting abilities in addition to his peerless vocal prowess.


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