She (그녀) and It's Alright (괜찮아) by Zitten

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She (그녀) and It’s Alright (괜찮아) are songs from the first album of the soft rock duo Zitten (짙은). Zitten is one of the young indie bands of Korea, performing songs that encompass light rock to folk and pop ballads. With a comparatively low profile and seemingly not overly ambitious, they nonetheless produced quite a few nice songs of high quality, each of which sounds distinctive and original with progressive and wholesome sensitivities. They seem to be another of the intrinsically talented band that the members write and arrange all their materials - a fine, independent musical act.


아무것도 아니었다고 말하고
다 괜찮을 거라고 했었던 그녀

다시 찾아왔던 그녀의 하늘엔
여전히 조용히 구름은 흐르고 있어

비참하게 찢겨진 채로 쓰러져
또 한번 고통 속에 머물던 그녀

다시 찾아왔던 그녀의 하늘엔 여전히
별들은 빛나고 있어

꼭 감기운 두 눈의 떨림은
꼭 맞잡은 두 손의 온기로

이제 떠오르는 그녀의 나라에
한 없이 펼쳐진 평안이 흐르고

이제 울려지는 그녀의 노래에
한없이 투명한 눈물이 흐르고 있어


She said that it was nothing
That everything would turn out all right

The sky above her when she came by again
It still has a cloud silently drifting down

Slumped down torn and ravaged
She was suffering from yet another ordeal

The sky above her when she came by again
It still has the stars shining down

From the tremblings of firmly closed eyes
To the warm hands in tight clasp

In her world now emerging afresh
A boundless serenity emanates to all

In her new song now echoing out
The purest of all tears are running down


그리 길지 않은 하루
쉽지 않게 잊으려 하던 그 순간
이젠 다시 볼 수 없는, 음

그냥 한 번 돌아 보며 아무 일도 아닌 척했지만
다시 한 번 생각하면 조금 씁쓸한

내가 뭘 알겠어
내가 뭘 하겠어
슬프지 않아 그냥 아련할 뿐 뭘, 괜찮아

하루 종일 바라보던
울지 않는 전화기는 꺼두고
한참 동안 듣지 않던 슬픈 노랜 '괜찮아'
이런 날이 오게 되면
그 때라면 편할 수 있을까
그저 살아가는 동안 오긴 할까 한 번은

내가 뭘 알겠어
내가 뭘 믿겠어
죽을 것 같아
그냥 살고 싶어 뭘, 괜찮아

It's Alright

A day which wasn't particularly long
And the moment not so easy for me to forget
Forever gone now, um

Took a quick look back pretending it was no big deal
But then it was a tad bitter on second thought

What do I know
What am I to do
I ain't sad, just a bit dazed, well, it's alright

Turned off the ringless phone
I had been watching all day
Stopped listening to that sad song It's Alright for a while
If such a day ever comes
Would I be feeling alright then
Will that day come at all for the rest of my life

What do I know
What am I to believe
Feel like I might die
Then again I just wanna live, well, it's alright

Zitten 2

Zitten is made up of Seong Yong Wook (성용욱) the singer, and Yoon Hyung Ro the guitarist, who started performing in earnest in 2005. They released their first full LP album in 2008, which contained several songs that sounded good and distinctive enough to bring them some recognition. Their lyrics are often thought provoking and usually have some original themes. Seong Yong Wook’s voice also seems another great asset. His vocals stay within the mainstream without anything particularly striking, but his voice is attractive with a solid timbre and velvety texture. All this makes many of their songs deceptively good - they don’t seem to try very hard to grab your attention but the result is so good, which is a pleasant surprise when so many bands and singers resort to such extraneous things as eye popping dance moves, slick production, sex appeal, gossipy scandals and all the rest. These guys are true musicians down to their soul and nothing else, which deserves our respect.

Seong Yong Wook

The song She talks about a lady who is coming out of some kind of suffering. It is one of those mysterious sounding songs that Zitten seems to like to do. While not overly ambitious, it sounds distinct from most other songs that circulate out there in both music and lyrics. It has a serious theme, but because the detail is obscured and the ending note is a happy one, it is uplifting overall.

It’s Alright is a song that feels light and not particular ambitious but which is still refreshingly good. It is about a devastating experience of being jilted. The narrator is however trying his best to take it in stride and get over it, enlisting everything at his disposal to keep his mind off of the devastation. While he sings he feels like he might die, he says well, it’s alright cheering himself up like the high spirited young man he is. The overall positive and playful mood in the face of a hardship gives off a nicely upbeat feeling to the listener, with the buoyant tune and rhythm being another nice touch.

The guitarist and songwriter Yoon has since gone his own way, so Seong is now doing all his acts as a solo artist. So far his creativity doesn’t seem to have suffered much because of the breakup. I hope he continues to bring us the great music as he has done until now.


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